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Located at the former

Bridgton United Methodist Church
214 Main Street, Bridgton, ME 04009

Serving Bridgton, Maine


Open to anyone in need, every Tuesday from 11 am - 6 pm

For assistance or information call:
Penni Robbins: 207-318-4467 (Cell) PLEASE try this number first
207-647-3704 (Home)

WANTED…………… YOU, yes you! If you have some spare time, a desire to help those in need, a willing and able body to lift heavy boxes of food and last but not least, the ability to see the good in others, no matter who they may be, we NEED you!

The Bridgton Food Pantry list of clients in need of supplemental food for their families has grown in leaps and bounds. The pantry provides a variety of food for over # families and the number of people in need continues to grow each week.

The Bridgton Food Pantry is in desperate need of people with the above qualities to assist with various tasks related to providing food to those in need. If you have the time and ability to help, please contact Penni (Director of the Pantry) at 318-4467 to set up an interview.


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Bridgton Food Pantry
Board of Directors

Director: Penni Robbins
260 Pond Road
Bridgton, Me 04009
Phone: (home) 647-3704, (cell) 318-4467

Carmen Lone, President

P.O. Box 661, Bridgton, ME 04009
Phone: (home) 647-5705

Karen Hawkins

963 South High Street, Bridgton, ME 04009
Phone: 647-3734

Rick Brackett  Joanne Cohn    
Peter DuBrule   Tris Tirol
Roxie Ward Midge (Silvo) Williamson